Friday, November 19, 2010

Art for Small Hands

As this is being written, I am sitting at a table in the elementary classroom observing the children creating habitats for the bugs they made in our last art class.  This wonderful project is one I discovered over at  Art for Small Hands - a fabulous art blog put together by an Art teacher and her daughter.

The children are totally absorbed and their discussions revolve around bugs, bug habitats, what bugs eat, gross bugs, weird bugs, and anything else the children can think of. Here are a few of the creations with the artist's descriptions.

                         "She (the moth) likes the garden and all the birds make her happy
 when they tweet."

"It's a very muddy swamp and make sure no birds go over your head because they might drop something on your head. My bug is a dragonfly."

"My picture was a little easy 'cause it was just very simple art not enough paint to make it too wet and I already knew how to do accordian folds.  It was fun to teach the others."

"It was very easy to do. A triangle beehive and some spring-up bees and worms and I have a really long spring on my bee."

"My bee is going into the hive and my ladybug is eating aphids."

This is E.'s waterbug.

"It was fun painting my picture and it was fun folding the spring. My butterfly is flying in the air and my water bug is floating in the water."

"The spider is sitting in his web and the dragonfly is trying to get something to eat."

"My picture has a tree and a flower and a dragonfly."

Needless to say, the children are all very proud of their creations and learned lots of facts about bugs.
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