Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wild bird care extension

     The children's fascination with the birds that come to eat at the feeder continues to grow.  It is wonderful to watch even the youngest rush toward the "bird window" when a new visitor is spotted at the feeder.  They have learned very quickly to slow down their movements  when drawing near to the window for fear of scaring the birds away.   If the new bird is not instantly recognized, one of the Master children will get the bird books out and begin a search.  Great, joyful debates often ensue.

     The newest addition to the "bird tree" is a nesting ball.  Since last fall, the children have carefully saved all the bits of wool and thread left over from the sewing activities, and placed them in a bowl on the bird shelf. 

 Now that the warm weather is supposed to be just around the corner, one of the 4's and I decided to get the nesting ball ready and hang it in the tree.  I gave her the bag that we'd saved from some oranges and she put all the bits inside.  She then pulled them apart, loosening them to make it easier for the birds to pull threads out of the ball.

Once she was satisfied that the birds would have no trouble with the threads, she tied a ribbon around the top of the bag.  She also pulled some threads out so that they dangled through the mesh.

 Then we put on our coats and went outside to hang the nesting ball in the bird tree.

Two days later, the weather turned very cold and we got a lot of snow.  Undeterred, the children watch every day to see if a bird will take some of our thread to use in a nest.  We are hoping that when we go for walks along the green belt behind our school, we will be able to spot nests with brightly coloured wool and thread woven amongst the twigs. 

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