Sunday, April 18, 2010

More fish tales..er..tails

     The little fish were released last week.  Unfortunately, I was suffering from a horrendous migraine and the thought of going out into the sunshine was more than I could face - which is my whiney way of saying I didn't go with the children this year.
     However, Denis was pressed into service once again and off they all went, in my van, with my camera, to find a perfect spot to release the little fry.

First the little fish had to be put into a smaller bucket. 

Then a perfect spot had to be found.  A place with a flat shore or better yet, a flat rock works best for an effective release.  The children all want to get as close as they can in order to watch the fish swim off into the deep water.

Carefully tipped into the water........

Can you see them?  No?  Well, they are rather small but they are there.

Bye, bye.

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k-barker said...

Looks like they had a great time on a beautiful day. What an accomplishment for them.