Thursday, August 26, 2010

Chaos in the Classroom

     This post is a nod to Annicles who posted about the state of her classroom pre-students.  I suggest we all take before and after pictures because there is strength and support in numbers.

So Annicles......these pictures are for you!

Our classroom from two angles.

My co-teachers haven't seen the classroom yet.  Hopefully, I can get in there again before they do!   : )


Counting Coconuts said...

I'd love to have that much space! Can't wait to see it when it's all put together!

Annicles said...

You'll have it licked into shape in no time!
I am very jealous of your sink. We have 2 sinks in the toilets but they are tiny little hand basins and that is it for the whole school. We're in a rented protacabin so until we design and build our own classrooms we are somewhat limited.
Your classroom looks lovely and light! I'm looking forward to the "after" photo.

Cynthia Dyer said...

Yes, we love the space, too. The school was designed by a Montessori teacher so we have been spoiled.