Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Oh, I've been away for such a long time and for that I do apologize.  However, I have a very good reason.  The big school is moving.  Not only are we moving, but we are changing our name.  The Nanaimo school is now known as Discover Montessori School and it is moving into new digs!

We have outgrown the lovely old building that has been our home for so long and have been searching for something larger for  a few years.  It hasn't been easy, nor has it been quick.  In fact we have been in negotiations for over a year but finally, we have a new home. 

And, just to make matters more exciting,......we have three weeks to get everything done and move-in-ready for the children on November 1st. 

So while I continue to work on Part 2 of the Bells post, I will regale you with pictures and stories of our latest endevour.  Many of you may have read about the Oceanside school's move.  With 20/20 hindsight, I now view the incredible work the parents and teachers did there as a heaven-sent precursor to the move we are about to tackle!

So to begin...........some pictures of how it looks now.

All boarded up........

and waiting for a coat of paint.

This is the soon-to-be Primary playground........patiently waiting for a fence, a vegetable garden, a small orchard, some flower beds, and seating. 

The Elementary playground and soccer field.

And if you turn the other way, you can just see the baseball diamond.

These photos don't really show that we are moving into one wing of an old public school and haven't managed to get any pictures inside the school because the painters are still there.  As soon as I do, I will post them here.

Stay tuned!

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