Monday, December 7, 2009

Outdoor Activities

The Hammer and Nails

This is a favourite activity rain or shine. The tool case holds a small bucket of roofing nails, a 10 oz. hammer, a pair of child sized work gloves and a pair of clear acrylic goggles - again, child sized. The work may be done standing or sitting. This child clearly prefers to sit while hammering nails into the stump.
Just inside the door of my classroom is a shelf which holds all the outside materials. These are, for the most part, materials that facilitate the child in working outside. There is a bucket filled with bird seed and a scoop, a large pitcher to carry water to the bird bath, a sandpaper activity, a small outside broom and rake, the hammer and nails activity, and a bucket and a small watering can (the bucket is filled by the teachers and the child scoops water into the watering can to care for the outside plants). Needless to say, when weather permits, these are very popular activities.

I should add that the photo in this post was taken a few summers ago. The temperature was -7 today - too cold to be out on the deck without a coat!

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Thanks for posting. I am looking for things to do outside.

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