Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saying Farewell

     As most teachers know, this can be a very emotional time of year because it is the time when we say farewell to children and families who have been with us for many years - some after as many as nine years.  

     It is also a time for parents to say farewell to us.  There are many hugs, a few tears and even some lovely cards and presents made by the children. 

(There are also those who can't say goodbye graciously or courteously but I won't be discussing that kind of behaviour here. It has taken up enough of my time.)

     This year, one family put so much thought and care in saying farewell that I felt compelled to share it on this blog.  Each teacher received a framed letter from the family.  Each letter was different and reflected the child's experience with each teacher.  To say we were deeply touched would be an understatement. 

So, at the risk of sounding less-than-humble, I'd like to post one or two of the letters here.  (Of course, I have the family's permission and I won't be posting my letter because that really would be showing off!)

Letter to Donna:

Letter to Diana

Thank you and take care, young friend.


Melva said...

Thank you for sharing these beautiful letters. It is such a bittersweet time of year. I had a parent write me a lovely letter when I taught the first of her five children, this year I taught the fifth, and due to a grade level change I will teach her again next year. I don't think it would be bragging too much if you shared your letter, your blog shows that you are an extraordinary teacher.

Cynthia Dyer said...

Thanks, Melva. I appreciate your comments.

Anonymous said...

nicely done Sinthia!

montessorimatters said...

How lovely and touching! Parents like these are few and far between, but they certainly lift our spirits and remind us why we do what we do. How wonderful that not only has the child been touched by Montessori, but the entire family. :) Thanks for posting...

Cynthia Dyer said...

Yes, they are a very lovely family and we will miss them very much.