Monday, June 28, 2010

A "Must-read" post!

Pilar, over at Montessorimatters , has written a post that I know many parents would find interesting.  So, instead of posting this week, I've decided to ask everyone to follow this link and read her post for June 24.



montessorimatters said...

Thank you, Cynthia! :)

Cynthia Dyer said...

You are most welcome!

Jennifer Williams said...

How timely that I read this today.... I care for two toddlers during the week and spend time sitting nearby watching them and then tweaking things or adding/taking away items for the next time they come and they are blossoming..... but try as i might I could not convince a 'children's centre' manager that this was a valid way to go about providing care for these children!! perhaps I will direct her to that post!! Thanks, jenni

Cynthia Dyer said...

Jennifer, you sound like a natural Montessorian. Keep it up! The children will continue to blossom!