Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Shave and a hair cut....

     When we were little, my sister wanted a pixie cut.  So, I gave her one.  Our mother was not impressed.  However, I was so inspired that I continued on and gave pixie cuts to all my sister's dolls, too.  My sister was not impressed.

That tid-bit is my way of introducing this classroom picture.

     I imagine this child's thought process went something like...."Hmmmm.  I've cut snippets, straight lines, and zigzags.  I wonder what else I can cut?"



montessorimatters said...

Ah yes, it seems like every year there's at least one hair-cutting incident. The sad part is, the parents always get upset. What in the world? It's just hair!

Cute post and nice "from the child's viewpoint" explanation... ;)

Melva said...

Aah, the pixie cut, I had one for many years. I have also had a few incidences of hair cutting in my classroom over the years. Luckily not too much cut at one time. The most dramatic was a bang trim one of my nieces gave her cousin, luckily my sister in law was very understanding. My brother cut my doll's hair, thinking it would grow back.

Cynthia Dyer said...

Melva, did your sister give you your haircut? : )

And Pilar is correct, parents often do get upset. 'Specially if the hair is cut just before picture day!

Jessie said...

My hair got cut once while I was concentrating on a lesson. She put it in an envelope for me, and tucked it in my sweater pocket. She wrote my name and date, much like a mom would for a 1st haircut. I didn't even notice the change until I went to do laundry :)

Cynthia Dyer said...

Jessie! That cracked me up!

Thank you for telling us that story.